Park Price-Ryan has been passed down from generation to generation.  Prior to 1956, Mr. Frank T. Price purchased the land which the park now occupies.  Park Price-Ryan was opened in 1956 in order to provide an option for affordable housing for mobile home owners.  In those days, the park was managed by Frank and his wife, Clair.  Upon Frank and Clair Price’s passing, the park was handed down to their daughter Mrs. Frances P. Ryan and her husband, Dr. Kermit J. Ryan.  Upon Kermit’s death in 1994, Frances and Kermit’s daughter, Christy P. Ryan, took an active role as owner of the park to assist Frances.   With Frances passing away in 2010, Christy’s family is now actively involved, along with Christy, as owner of the park.  With each generation, new ideas are introduced and new improvements are made to make the park what it is today.